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by Las Vegas, Nevada on Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
Murder Aboard the QE II

Author Stephen Murray allowed me to set sail with his glamorous characters, Sylvia and Brian Sinclair, as they embarked on an anniversary cruise aboard the luxurious QE II. What a glorious trip! Although there are hints of family discord early on I was not prepared for the depth of conflict in this privileged family and level of betrayal among the couple's seemingly good friends. The author skillfully illuminates each character all the while weaving them into a messy, murderous web. Private eye Richard Manning gives nothing away as he closes in on the killer. Thoroughly enjoyed author Murray's tale of privilege, flawed characters and the murder mystery he leaves the reader to solve alongside private eye Manning. Wonderful reading from start to finish.

by Bayville, New York on Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
A Fun and Clever Mystery

Murder aboard the Queen Elizabeth II by Stephen Murray is a stylish and entertaining who-done-it with well-developed characters who imbue the mystery with greater resonance. The murder doesn’t occur until halfway through the novel, enough time for Murray to establish the dynamics among competing characters and their motivations. Even before the actual murder, many sly hints and clues are dangled with an assortment of tawdry relationships and a bagful of secrets that emerge from Alicia, Todd, Laura, Denise, and just about every member of the party. The planner of the anniversary cruise, Sylvia, serves as the heart of the novel; her aversion to confrontation helps advance the numerous plot threads. By the time the victim is dead, the reader has so many suspects established in his mind, that he is more than ready for the investigation that follows. And that investigation, led by retired private eye Richard Manning with the ship’s captain serving as a congenial sidekick, continues to unearth further sniping and suspicious behavior from the suspects. Manning’s probing questions and intuitive leaps in interrogation heighten the suspense, and Murray’s shifts in perspective back to the suspects allow for the possibilities for who might be involved in the murder to continually expand. Murder aboard the Queen Elizabeth II offers so many nice twists – almost every character seems to be working an angle – that the revelation of the murderer is particularly satisfying. Murray has delivered to the reader a very pleasurable and diverting novel.

by Tacoma, Washington. on Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
Murder At Its Best

I truly loved this book. First of all, the murder does not take place right away, so you meet most of the characters. You are kept guessing who is was going to be murdered and then who did it! Very well written. Kept my attention all the way to the very end.

by Brussels, Belgium on Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
Stephen Murray did it again.....

Again another great book from Stephen Murray. A pleasure to read.. Stephen... you did it again.... Look forward to your next book!

by Calipatria, California on Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
A Cruise With Countless Emotional Ports of Call

While a mystery like Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II may be described as an emotional rollercoaster, I found it to be, both literally and figurative, more like a cruise with countless emotional ports of call. From the beginning, two primary questions are obvious: 1 Who is murdered? 2 Who commits the murder? On the contrary, the answers to these questions are so skillfully woven into the text by the author that the reader is never quite certain of which direction the turn of events may take. This however, is exactly what keeps you turning page after page, gleefully outwitted by the author’s intricate plot until you arrive at the surprisingly unexpected outcome. This same element of unpredictability is also why I recommend Stephen Murray’s Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II to anyone ready to embark on a truly mysterious and thrilling adventure.

by Howick, South Africa on Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
Murder on the QE2

I found this book very interesting. Read it in two sittings. The author threw me off the bus with the ending. I was thinking of a few others who had good reason to do the deed. Waiting for the next edition.

by Las Vegas, Nevada on Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
A Waterful Murder Mystery

This book of Stephen Murray's is a wonderful murder mystery that is wholesome and entertaining for a rainy afternoon of mystery solving. Stephen's books are thought-provoking, and who-dun-it is anyone's guess right up until the end. I wonder if he's writing a sequel to this book as it would be interesting to see how the lives of friends and family meld back into daily living. Where do you go, and how do you manage life after being involved in a murder on the QE II?

by San Diego, California on Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
A delicious mix of love, jealousy,betrayal ,vendettas and lastly, murder

I relished every page of Stephen Murray's 'Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II'. It was a delicious mix of love, jealousy, betrayal, vendettas and lastly, murder aboard the famed QE II. What started out as a lovely celebration, slowly turns to a tragic murder. The suspects are many as once again, Stephen Murray's characters are revealed to the reader, in vivid detail. A true who-done-it. If you are a mystery lover, you will be turning pages at a record pace and enjoying every minute!

by Las Vegas, Nevada on Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
An Intriguing Murder Mystery

This is a good murder mystery that leaves one wondering until later in the story, who will be murdered, as well as who commited the crime. Murray does a great job of creating true-to-life characters. And if you like interesting twists and turns and a surprise ending, this is the book for you.

by Henderson, Nevada on Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
Great Summer Read

I picked up this book to take on vacation. I am am not a fan of this genre, but I loved this book. The writing is excellent. I simply could not put it down. I liked the twists and turns. I am hoping Mr. Murray will write another mystery.

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