Professional Book Reviews

Roger DeBlanck 

Clark County Library – Nevada

Stephen Murray, award-winning author of The Chapel of Eternal Love, shifts his focus from crafting memorable Vegas romance stories to exploring the mystery genre in Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II. This is a light and satisfying mystery that can aptly draw comparisons to the iconic Murder, She Wrote television series and the books coinciding with the show. In skillful fashion, Murray develops a well-rounded cast of characters around Brian Sinclair, music mogul of Sinclair Records, and his loyal wife of twenty-five years, Sylvia. They plan their wedding anniversary on the QEII, and to celebrate they invite their children and closest friends. When a member of the party dies on the cruise, it is clear that past conflicts and differences of opinion may lend evidence of possible motives for anyone as the suspect. The shrewd insight and experience of private investigator Richard Manning is required in order to assemble the subtle clues and expose the assailant. Murray does a nice job of maintaining the suspense as the plot builds. The story accelerates to a new gear when Manning begins filtering through the many scenarios to arrive at the truth. With plenty of witty dialogue, heated trysts, and the right amount of sympathy, Murray delivers a page-turning murder investigation that will keep you guessing until the final twist reveals the culprit.